Thursday, October 15, 2009

French Polynesia 1983

During our year aboard the good ship Homer we logged over 9800 miles in Pacific waters, had no electricity, no satellite navigation, no computers, no digital cameras, but we did have scenery.   
Call this my Skywatch Friday (revisited).  This is for all of you cold bloggers who seem to be dreading the fast approaching winter season.   French Polynesia in 1983

Tuomotos with Homer in the background





 Bora Bora

These are just a few of the slides that were taken with an old Pentax then later processed into photos and finally pardon the quality...but you get the idea!  If life on board a sailboat interests you please check out my previous blog... Have a nice weekend!

For more Skywatch Friday photos click here.


  1. Well the quality is beyond excellent and the photography is superb.
    I still have my trusty Pentax cameras, they go out with me when the conditions would not be suitable for digitals.

    These are beautiful beyond words.
    What a wonderful year this must have been for you, along with great adventures.

  2. My favorite mule is Jenny and she is 22 years old.
    She is a safe mule. She was my husband's mule and he was a double amputee. She took such good care of him. Since his death I have been riding her. She is totally different now and has turned into a gaming mule. She is so competitive. Who knew.

  3. Wow! Just beautiful! Those shots are so peaceful. We are getting snow this weekend! Thanks for the escape.


  4. That's a part of the world I've always wanted to holiday... sooo beautiful!

  5. Awesome photos, they are all wonderful and make me wish I could be there now.

  6. Oh so nice! It really gives me a warm feeling to look at those pictures of yours.. .thanks!
    I see on the internet that you guys still had nice temperatures these last days while we are freezing up here!
    Good for you!

  7. Oh my - Jimmy Buffet was right! What absolutely gorgeous parts of the world.

  8. I like the scenes you have shown today. But I also like the hillbilly mountains of West Virginia and places like that. If I had to spend money to go somewhere it would be close to home. lol

    Nothing around here compares to your scenes though.

  9. WOW, wow, wow is all I can say. And "WOW" again.