Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rainy Day & Irrigation

Woke up to rain this morning.  
Feels great, and it took away that hot, muggy humidity.  

Here's the view out the new kitchen window
of the neighborly bull.
Rain drops 
on the pipe rail fence.

The first thing on the list ...
Maggie and I had to move some of the field sprinklers. 

Here's Maggie
in her rain jacket
checking the fence line.
She's in charge 
of keeping the neighborly geese
on their side of the fence.

Notice my mule Polly
noticing me.
Waiting on her morning feed.

Look closely to her right,
beyond the fences,
and you'll see 
"the hole".
This is the hole 
that we had dug
one year ago.
This hole was dug to bury
this very sick mule.
Lucky for us,
lucky for Polly,
we gave her one last chance
(and 3 months of antibiotics)
to recover.
Here she is at 25 years.
So far, so good.
Call it superstition or
call it whatever you want?
I will NOT fill in "the hole".
It makes it's own quiet statement ...

With that said ...
I'll  end this post with 
Peek-a-Boo Polly
and Peek-a-Boo Maggie.
They're probably both hiding 
from the old lady who digs big holes!

Enjoy your day,
where ever or who ever you are!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy Day

Because it's so HOT today, I'm sitting here blogging.
Yesterday, was a busy day.  Probably too busy. It all started with an EARLY morning ride.  The forest was already starting to have that crackly, dry feeling under foot. Even at that early hour you cold just tell it was going to be a "hot one".

On the way home we stopped at one of our local haunts and picked up a breakfast burrito.  The guys waited patiently in the trailer with their windows open because of the heat!!!  Maybe they thought the burritos were suppose to be for them?

We all cooled off when we got home by giving the two guys baths.  Toma gave me an early BD present of a flash water heater for bathing all the critters outside.  It's a nice way to just take the chill out of the really cold water.  Didn't take photo because Polly was already too curious about the propane tank and the little bit of noise that it was making. Long story short ... first bath with new water system was a success, and everybody ended up shiny and clean.  For a little while anyway!

Finally, in the heat of the afternoon we helped the folks from the Fresh Start Horse Rescue load up the hay we grew here.  They were very happy to get the hay, but I think we felt better giving it.  They merely paid for the baling cost.  It was a good deal for all.

Bales of good hay waiting in the heat.  And a neighbor checking it out.

Two trucks and two trailers later, away it went!!!
 It was a very hot day, but a good day. 
No rain yet, dry hay safely bucked and now in the barn 
just waiting to help feed a horse in need.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My week ... Busy

This past weekend has been a continuation of the last 2 months.  Kitchen remodeling 101.
I can't say that we are enjoying the process, but we are beginning to see the progress, and we are actually getting closer and closer to a finished kitchen with every weekend that we spend working on it!
I'll just stop yakking and show you a few photos of the work in progress. 

It's Beginning to look like a KITCHEN!

Yesterday we had our pasture cut for hay.
We are donating it to one of the local Horse Rescues at cost.

Today I'm doing the

This coming weekend we are .... 

MJ, Polly, Toma and Rhettly - "The ghosts of rides past"

Friday, July 9, 2010

Rain .... Yeah!

It looked like rain .....

It smelled like rain ....
It even felt like rain ....

I am sorry for those of you who have had too much rain.  SW Colorado has seen very little moisture so far this summer.  I seriously hope that I have not jinxed this area by posting this, but yesterday we had our first rain shower.  It sure helped to drop the humidity and cool things off ! 
 Stay Cool
(whatever the temperature is in your neck of the woods)!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Colorado Sky in July

 Happy 4th of JULY!!!!