Tuesday, August 31, 2010


  the Homestead 2006

The Poplar trees alongside the driveway were not healthy when we bought the place four years ago, but just this past year they have become even more rotted and dangerous.  Last year we hired a tree service to try to save what was still healthy tree.  Even so, we still had limbs and branches breaking away in the wind, and there was more rot in the trunk and limbs than healthy branches.  
this is how we spent 
a good part of this past weekend. 

Here's Toma tying a safety line 
so the trees would not fall 
in the wrong direction...

 Tree against Nellie (my truck)
and Toma (with the chain saw).
Nellie and Toma won!

Past and future firewood

The wood that was not rotted
is now so-so firewood.
The fence and horses are safe 
from falling limbs
I now have a  better view
looking south
out of my kitchen window!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Nice Ride

Sunday morning Toma and I got the horse and mule ready, hauled to a nearby trailhead, and went for another very nice ride.  All this on a mule that was so sick at this time last year, that we almost put her down.  I feel blessed and lucky every time I have the opportunity get her saddled up and off to the woods for a change of scenery.  And to make it even BETTER .... 
I know that the mule loves it more than I do.  

Happy Trails to all of you out there in Blogger land!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hiking with a Dog

 Several Years of Dog Hikes
and some things NEVER CHANGE

Lots of sniffing
even more peeing

Rock Pose with Effie - 2001

Riverbed Pose - 2002

Beach Vacation Pose - 2003

Red Rock Pose with Fostered Dog Pose - 2004

Trail Ride Lunch Break Pose - 2005

Fall Hike Pose - 2006

After Hike Pose - 2007

In her Mule Herding Pose - 2008

Snowy Day Hike Pose - 2009

 Lake Pose - 2009

Finally another Rock Pose - Today 

Maggie's hikes 
are getting shorter 
take longer 
and yet ...
she still loves to go
 and ...
her heart's still in it!

So are ours.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And The Thunder Rolls ...

Maggie stays inside when the weather gets "iffy".  By "iffy" I mean that you can look in any direction and it'll look very different. 

Here's the direction the weather is coming from today, and it'll be here very soon.  It's rolling this way as I write this.  I only hope that I'll get my post done before the thunder and lightning arrive.
You can see by these first two photos how different the sky looks depending on which direction you are looking.  
Earlier Maggie and I took a little walk across the back pasture.  We were being watched by a very curious, but neighborly, cow.  If Maggie only knew what power she had over these cows, she'd be thrilled.  They are use to REAL Border Collies, not old clueless ones!

Look what the rain has done ... Walking through the back pasture we noticed all the new growth.  Not only has the grass turned a very dark green, but looking a bit closer we found all sorts newly growing things trying to find some sunshine from their grassy beds. 

Old fungi

New fungi

Isn't this a Dandy...
 Bind Weed ...
 Fox Tails ...  I need to pull these

AND More fungi

A goose feather ... blownin' in the wind!
And all this by just watching my feet!
Speaking of blowing.  It's here....
"The Thunder is Rolling"
It's starting to Rain
Bye now