Tuesday, August 31, 2010


  the Homestead 2006

The Poplar trees alongside the driveway were not healthy when we bought the place four years ago, but just this past year they have become even more rotted and dangerous.  Last year we hired a tree service to try to save what was still healthy tree.  Even so, we still had limbs and branches breaking away in the wind, and there was more rot in the trunk and limbs than healthy branches.  
this is how we spent 
a good part of this past weekend. 

Here's Toma tying a safety line 
so the trees would not fall 
in the wrong direction...

 Tree against Nellie (my truck)
and Toma (with the chain saw).
Nellie and Toma won!

Past and future firewood

The wood that was not rotted
is now so-so firewood.
The fence and horses are safe 
from falling limbs
I now have a  better view
looking south
out of my kitchen window!


  1. South is always a good direction, especially during winter.

    I guess this fire wood will warm you twice, once while cutting it and second, when you burn it.

  2. Busy weekend! I have a story about my husband cutting a pine tree...tied off to his tractor..it was rotten at the trunk~~twisted and fell within inches of the house.
    To which hubby said~There, exactly where I wanted it!!!

  3. Wow! You guys always find yourself something to do, don't you. :)
    Good that the trees are down and everyone is safe, falling branches are not fun.
    I remember them when they still looked good, and I remember the hummingbirds sitting in the branches.
    Where will they sit now?
    Is your kitchen all done btw?


  4. Michi - We still have lots of trees in front of the house for the hummingbirds and other birds too. Plus they sit on the wire fence by the hollyhocks and safely blend into the background.
    No, the kitchen is not done. We can only do one big task at a time. The kitchen stove is still in the living room, but Toma has 3 days off this weekend, so I suspect that the stove will soon be in the kitchen ....where it belongs!!!! Thanks for asking.

  5. Haha! I didn't mean to be pushy! *lol* ;-)

  6. I think the stacked wood looks great. A sign of being prepared. I wonder if you think it will get colder than usual this winter or if you think, like some, that because of the heat this summer it will be a mild winter?

    Interesting that you are related in some way to the first president.