Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And The Thunder Rolls ...

Maggie stays inside when the weather gets "iffy".  By "iffy" I mean that you can look in any direction and it'll look very different. 

Here's the direction the weather is coming from today, and it'll be here very soon.  It's rolling this way as I write this.  I only hope that I'll get my post done before the thunder and lightning arrive.
You can see by these first two photos how different the sky looks depending on which direction you are looking.  
Earlier Maggie and I took a little walk across the back pasture.  We were being watched by a very curious, but neighborly, cow.  If Maggie only knew what power she had over these cows, she'd be thrilled.  They are use to REAL Border Collies, not old clueless ones!

Look what the rain has done ... Walking through the back pasture we noticed all the new growth.  Not only has the grass turned a very dark green, but looking a bit closer we found all sorts newly growing things trying to find some sunshine from their grassy beds. 

Old fungi

New fungi

Isn't this a Dandy...
 Bind Weed ...
 Fox Tails ...  I need to pull these

AND More fungi

A goose feather ... blownin' in the wind!
And all this by just watching my feet!
Speaking of blowing.  It's here....
"The Thunder is Rolling"
It's starting to Rain
Bye now


  1. So beautifully green there! I love both the first & second photos...gorgeous!

  2. Thank you MJ for taking us along on your walk with Maggie! Great illustration! :)

  3. What a beautiful series of shots. It just goes to show you what we can truly see if we keep our eyes open and look around.

    Love you pink hollyhocks!

  4. Beautiful! Love the hollyhocks!

  5. Oh sweet photos! Yes, the weather was a blowing nd changing here too over the weekend...had some surprises. I do loive change though...so it was pleasant.
    Your Hollyhocks...OH! Loverly!

  6. I love that first photo with the hollyhocks. A very nice series of shots of all the little things you saw on your walk.

  7. These are stunningly beautiful pictures. Who needs television when you are surrounded with this beauty??

    So glad you got rain.

  8. MJ-There sure is a lot of drama in your skies. The good news...there is some green stuff growing. Loved the story of the hole behind your mule...it's a sweet one and she looks positively gorgeous. Hope you are having a great weekend, and thanks for visiting.

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