Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hiking with a Dog

 Several Years of Dog Hikes
and some things NEVER CHANGE

Lots of sniffing
even more peeing

Rock Pose with Effie - 2001

Riverbed Pose - 2002

Beach Vacation Pose - 2003

Red Rock Pose with Fostered Dog Pose - 2004

Trail Ride Lunch Break Pose - 2005

Fall Hike Pose - 2006

After Hike Pose - 2007

In her Mule Herding Pose - 2008

Snowy Day Hike Pose - 2009

 Lake Pose - 2009

Finally another Rock Pose - Today 

Maggie's hikes 
are getting shorter 
take longer 
and yet ...
she still loves to go
 and ...
her heart's still in it!

So are ours.


  1. Just cannot imagine any path without a pack. May your Maggie have miles and miles of hikes in her future.

  2. Oh we love the 2001-2010 hike tour, starting with photos where Effie was still "leading" the pack ;-)
    Every picture is gorgeous and holds very special memories for you.
    We are glad Maggie is still going strong, as strong as she can and we wish her many special moments/hikes to come!

    Auntie Michi and Ingrid

  3. Your dogs are in great condition because you keep doing this. They are beautiful and I'm sure, very happy. Great photos.

  4. She's a beautiful dog, love those hikes with our best friends...I've yet to master a hike with my dog AND horse... the two don't go together..unfortunately around here too much road crossing to worry agout with the loose dog.

  5. Lovely series of hike shots. I've taken those shorter walks with an older dog too, and know how difficult it is, but at the same time how wonderful it is to share their joy at getting to go.

  6. Morris says he enjoyed the tour of photos with me...and hinted about another hike this afternoon.
    If it were not for my love of dogs, I wouldn't be in such great shape.

    Thank you Maggie and of course MJ!