Sunday, December 19, 2010

Seasonal Greetings


 And they say 
that you can't teach a NEW DOG OLD TRICKS ....
Maybe they are right?

 O.1                                     O.2

O.3                                          O.4

O.5                                    O.6

 O.7                                   OH WELL

 May Your Holiday
Be Merry & Bright

from all of us here at

Monday, December 6, 2010

Pick the Correct Personality

Okay, let's see if any of you can guess this dog's personality just by looking at a few photos?  It's not a contest, it's just for the fun of it.  
We think, that after living with this dog for a month now, that she might be a Lab-Terrier mix of some kind or a "Somekinda" Terrier?  What???  So if any of you have Terriers of any kind I'm in need of all the help and/or advise we can get!
Here are a few recent photos ... of the Maddie May our new/older "Somekinda" Terrier.

So hey all you Terrier experts .... any comments, suggestions, or words of encouragement in changing our training techniques from working with a Herding dog to working with a Terrier-mix would be greatly appreciated!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Trot - 2010

This is one very lucky turkey.  It was only fitting that a real turkey should strut his stuff and start  off the 2010 Turkey Trot that is held here annually to benefit our local "For Pets' Sake Humane Society".  

Under a clear sky and very cold, sub zero temperatures we started the trotEverybody, both two-legged and four legged, quickly warmed up the day. What a great way to really feel thankful.   
Here are just a few of the very active participants.

We are Thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there in blogdom!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ready, Set, Go ... New Post

I've been thinking about a new post for a while now, but wasn't quite sure where to begin.   So, let me start with ...

This has been a very nice break for me. Enough so, that I think I will do less posting and spend more time following all your blogs.  I have really enjoyed reading your daily/weekly posts.  Having  said that, I do have something to share now.

 Cape Mendocino, Fort Bragg (my hometown), California 10/24/10

Everyone paces themselves after the loss of an animal.  I expect that the pace is different for each situation and for every individual.  For me, in the beginning, it was hard to take a deep breath.  It was hard to sleep.  It was especially hard to do all the familiar things that I always did with my good friend Maggie.  Within a very short time I realized that it was more than just missing Maggie.  I knew that I needed to have another dog in my day to day life.  Selfish, maybe, but about three weeks ago I started looking for a new canine-in-need, to call our family dog and to help fill the big void in our lives.

Meet ... "Maddie May"  

Maddie May ... Day #5

We Do know that she was in need of a good home.  We Do know that she was rescued after being dumped along the side of the road.  We Do know that her foster family named her Maddy.  We Do know that we didn't have the heart to change her name because she was just starting to respond to being called Maddy.  We Do know that we tweaked the name a little, and that we now call her Maddie May.  AND yes, it's confusing, but every time we goof and call her Maggie, we Do know that it's a very loving slip-of-the-tongue.

We Don't have a clue what she is, or where she came from, or why she knows so very little about being a family dog, but we Do know that we will try to help her be the best  darn dog that she can be!  And we welcome this dog-in-need into our home-in-need of a dog.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Break Time


        I'm going to take a little blog break. Although I have been keeping up with some of my favorite blogs,  I haven't felt very inspired to post anything lately.  I guess you could say that I have blog-block.  Hopefully, when I come back, I'll have something cheerful to write about.  Until then, happy and interesting blogging to you all.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Maggie May - Last Words

Let me begin by saying,
"Go give your dog a big Hug for me!"

When someone who has been your best friend and constant companion is no longer here, it's very hard to continue your daily rituals without them. I had not realized how many little unimportant things had become automatic, and unnoticed in my day to day routines with Maggie. I guess when you are retired, like I am, and spend most of your waking hours working at home, the way I do, you simply don't realize how often you are having a conversation with the dog!  And so this past week, I found it very comforting to have those little conversations with her wonderful spirit. 

Most of you who read my blog have your own animals, so I don't need to tell you what  this week has been like for Toma and I.  I've tried many times during the last few days to think of some final words to say about our Maggie.  Unfortunately her  life started out badly, and I'm sorry to say, ended sadly.  What I now hope to remember is the ten great years in between, that was her life!  

So here's to Maggie, the good listener, the hard worker, our protector and old friend. We will miss you, but there's no way that we'll ever forget you.

 Maggie - 1998 - September 27, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What Goes Up ....

.... Must Come Down. 
As I was making pancakes this morning
look what landed in our freshly cut pasture.

The mule and the horse were not too pleased with the invasion
but I'd have to say that they handled it with "flying colors"!


Maggie May was just as surprised as the rest of us
but she loves company
and became the self-appointed welcoming committee.

The Canadian balloon pilot graciously gave us
 a complimentary bottle of champagne
for providing such a soft green landing pad.
Totally unnecessary, but very thoughtful!

Gosh, you just never know 
who will be dropping in!
Then we finished the morning off with 
my long-awaited pancakes!

I guess you'd have to say that we all
had a very exciting and colorful morning.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Up, Up and Away

It's all about hot air. 
Hot Air Balloons that is!!
Here are a few photos 
taken early this morning at
the Annual
Mancos Valley
Hot Air Balloon Festival.

After watching the launch
we raced home 
to make sure 
that our animals were 
feeling sane and safe!

All was quiet back at the ranch ...
Even with BIG, colorful balloons
spewing flames and falling from the sky!!

Go figure?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Arenal, Costa Rica

 Arenal Volcano

This is ol' me on zip line number one in the Arenal Cloud Forest. There were a total of seven  lines on the descent.   Each got a bit longer.  I must say the first was the most difficult ...  After that there literally was "NO turning back", and it was "ALL downhill" from there!

Have you ever driven in Costa Rica?  Believe me when I say that this was probably the safest mode of transportation in the country.  Driving the Costa Rican highways, especially in and around San Jose was crazy.  Or, maybe I have just lived in the country too long.  Now, I can actually understand why we learn, at an early age, to form lines and wait our turn.

Day one and day seven were spent getting to and from airports and traveling.  Days two through six were overwhelmingly beautiful and filled with warmhearted and friendly Ticos!  

I will post a few more photos in another blog, but right now I'm neck deep in reentry tasks.  Mostly trying to catch up on  hugs and kisses from an old dog named Maggie May, who will not let us out of her sight and wants to make sure that we are really back!!!  

Really love to travel, always love to get home!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And Away We Go ...

Hubby and I will be off on an adventure this coming week.  
Here's a BIG clue ...

I think that the critters here at the old homestead are all set up with caregivers.  Caregivers who have long "what to dos" lists.  The lawn is mowed, arena harrowed,  the animal feed is bagged, the barn tidied, and the house is clean enough.  (Why is it that when we leave to go somewhere, we like to have a clean house while we're away?  Guess we don't want the caregivers to think that we are normally slobs?) 
Well, I have to go start packing.  Everything that we'll need will go into 2 small carry-on packs.  Never the less, I need to decide just what I can't live without for one week.  Too bad I can't pack Maggie May in the backpack, but customs would frown on that ... I'm sure!
See you in a few ...  Guess we're going on vacation.
Happy Trails Everybody!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's a Good Day

 Some days are good.
Some days, not so good.

Today was a very good day!

"I'm ready mom, Fire it up"!
Do you mean the tractor Maggie?
Well no, but if you have to, then go ahead... 
Fire it up!

Well, that was a good mornings work, 
but not quite what I had in mind.
Can we go now mom?
I'm really ready!

Maggie and I felt good on our little walk this morning.

We picked up the paper.
Sniffed & peed on the mail box post.
We even got to say good morning
to the big napping bull up the street.
Sniffed and peed a lot more ...
 Then came home 
brought in the horse and mule
and gave them their morning feed.

I know that for most of us
there are more important things in life
than just sniffing and peeing.
But if that is what
"Fires You Up",
Then I say,
"Go For It"!
Today's a Good Day ... 
and now we're napping!