Monday, December 6, 2010

Pick the Correct Personality

Okay, let's see if any of you can guess this dog's personality just by looking at a few photos?  It's not a contest, it's just for the fun of it.  
We think, that after living with this dog for a month now, that she might be a Lab-Terrier mix of some kind or a "Somekinda" Terrier?  What???  So if any of you have Terriers of any kind I'm in need of all the help and/or advise we can get!
Here are a few recent photos ... of the Maddie May our new/older "Somekinda" Terrier.

So hey all you Terrier experts .... any comments, suggestions, or words of encouragement in changing our training techniques from working with a Herding dog to working with a Terrier-mix would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Hmmm. Well. I have a terrier mix. She is stubborn, lovable, fiercely protective, alittle shy around strange people. She is a tomboy - meaning she loves to run in the woods, doesn't always listen to COME BACK HERE, especially if she gets squirrel chasing. Gets along well with other dogs. She is NOT a retriever. She was a little tough to housebreak and every now and then still pees on the carpet. Training techniques??... HA! Um, did I say stubborn?

  2. I have a Bull Terrier (Zippy) and we often refer to him as a Bull Terror. He is into everything and Very high energy. Clicker training changed his life and mine. Ha. There is a book by Jane Killion (a fellow BT owner) called When Pigs Fly..Training success with impossible dogs. Your Maddie does look very much like a terrier. Such a cute face!

  3. Beautiful face and big heart, I'm sure. They can all be trained, just some take longer.

    I have found with terriers,the ingredients to success are firmness, consistency, and patience...but you already know that!

    Terriers are special to me. All my fulls and mixes have been full of energy, devoted, a tad bull headed, and a delight to have around.

    Good luck you will find what works for her.

  4. Morris is a Jack Russell, the second terrier I've owned. The first was Xena, we called her the Terror.
    Terriers need tons of exercise. I try to give mine an hour a day of play time.
    She may not have been completely house broke when you got her.
    Terriers are natural hunters ... squirrels are too fun not to chase. They are intense on their 'jobs'. Chase first, listen second.

    I have ideas but I'll have to email them to you.

  5. In one of those pics it looks as though she may have a little bearded collie in her. Beardies can be hard headed and fun loving just like terriers, so either way, Maddie May will probably have lots of character. So sorry you lost your Maggie.