Monday, January 25, 2010

Meet Our New Neighbors

The recent storm that blew through our valley covered everything with a powdery white blanket of snow.  Over this past weekend we were able to observe and enjoy the antics of a couple of our neighbors romping and playing in their new white world.  Yesterday our dog Maggie let us know that these same neighbors had taken up residence under the huge stack of hay in the pasture next door.
Here are a few photos that I shot through our upstairs window.  They came out much better than I had expected considering that this hay stack is about 100 yards away, but I knew if I were to go outside with my camera these shy little neighbors of ours would have disappeared and I would have nothing to share at all.

I think that this is the male.
He appeared to be very restless
and moved around a lot
keeping a eye out for intruders.

The Fox on top of the hay is also a Red Fox
although she is what they call a gray
or coyote colored Red Fox.

Close up of Mr. Fox....

Mr. Fox
Keeping a watchful eye...
Out of the wind...
Enjoying the sunshine!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just Another Snow Packed Day in Mancos

Haven't posted in awhile ....  I had a little mishap with the ice-covered roadway.
As it turned out, the road won.
I don't seem to fall down and get up like I did when I was younger.
A few left-over sore spots, but I'm getting back
to my more normal routines of everyday barn/horse keeping,
while still watching for those
elusive icy spots!!!
It's good to be BACK.

Here's the morning in photos ...

The snow-covered barn across the road.
It's not out-of-focus ... that's SNOW!
We've had another storm.
than the last one.

A useless piece of winter farm equipment
sitting idle this time of year ....
Sorta' like me this past week!!!

Snow-covered Mule ... her choice!

Maggie and Rhettly 
in their winter blankets
Enjoying the dry barn.

Evidence of
another critter trying to stay
out of the winter weather.

Maggie ...
very ready
to go for our
morning stroll.

And away we go ...

Right behind the Slow Plow!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dog Sledding in Mancos

This area of Colorado is home to a small business that will hire out their sleds, an experienced, expert musher, and their very special sled dogs for an exceptionally FUN half-day adventure.  Yesterday we talked our company into taking this very memorable trip.  If you enjoy the outdoors and like dogs, I can't think of a better way to experience both at their finest.  The following photos were taken during the trip yesterday and some were taken 2 years ago when my husband and I went for this ride of a lifetime!

The thrill of the trail.  
The dogs love what they do and are treated with care and respect.  
They really enjoy their work.

Somewhere on the wide open trail,
after a fresh snowfall and a few days off,
these dogs and their passengers 
were having the time of their lives!

We had three teams out the day we took this trip.   
That's my husband and his team 
coming up beside my sled on the right.

Unloading the sleds.
The dogs are still quietly waiting
in their kennels on the truck.

Harnessing and meeting the dogs.
We all got to participate.

Some of the dogs are more friendly than others!

Everybody had a beautiful day!!!!