Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just Another Snow Packed Day in Mancos

Haven't posted in awhile ....  I had a little mishap with the ice-covered roadway.
As it turned out, the road won.
I don't seem to fall down and get up like I did when I was younger.
A few left-over sore spots, but I'm getting back
to my more normal routines of everyday barn/horse keeping,
while still watching for those
elusive icy spots!!!
It's good to be BACK.

Here's the morning in photos ...

The snow-covered barn across the road.
It's not out-of-focus ... that's SNOW!
We've had another storm.
than the last one.

A useless piece of winter farm equipment
sitting idle this time of year ....
Sorta' like me this past week!!!

Snow-covered Mule ... her choice!

Maggie and Rhettly 
in their winter blankets
Enjoying the dry barn.

Evidence of
another critter trying to stay
out of the winter weather.

Maggie ...
very ready
to go for our
morning stroll.

And away we go ...

Right behind the Slow Plow!


  1. We are in the midst of an ice storm and a real good one at that. I had to almost crawl up the hill to take care of my two mules. For a change they were in the barn out of the freezing rain. Almost all winter they have been right out in the weather. Their coats are so thick.

    I laughed at my dog as she actually slipped on the ice. She is a border collie Australian Shepard mix and usually quite agile.

    You have lots of snow.

  2. I hope I see no more snow in 2010, I have had my limit.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I can not believe all that snow many of you out there have been getting! I have given up on us getting any this year. It's just been too warm. And rainy. I just want one or two days. Just to have a snow day from school and to enjoy it's peaceful beauty! :)

  4. Very nice post MJ, good to have you "back". The snow plow looks really from another (ice) age and Maggie looks cute in her blanky!

    Rhettly seems to enjoy the green hay, he looks like he is in trance! *lol*
    Polly seems to be out waiting for the sun to return.

    The top photos are awesome, really transporting the feeling of a slow, foggy winter day.


  5. We missed you MJ!!! Good to see you out and about again. I'm thinking of getting some hockey gear or perhaps Moto-Cross gear for walking about when it is icy?

    Love those photos so good to see everyone at the farm.

    Ice? I'd rather have fog!

  6. I hope that you are feeling better! Looks like a postcard there. Don't know what it is about mules...mine like to stay out in bad weather too. May the donkey, on the other hand, could do without it. Stay warm and safe! Love the shot of Maggie looking into the camera.

  7. Boy did you get bombarded! Great photos tho.

  8. WOW!Enjoyed my visit to your blog!

    Julie I could not take that kind of winter!