Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And Away We Go ...

Hubby and I will be off on an adventure this coming week.  
Here's a BIG clue ...

I think that the critters here at the old homestead are all set up with caregivers.  Caregivers who have long "what to dos" lists.  The lawn is mowed, arena harrowed,  the animal feed is bagged, the barn tidied, and the house is clean enough.  (Why is it that when we leave to go somewhere, we like to have a clean house while we're away?  Guess we don't want the caregivers to think that we are normally slobs?) 
Well, I have to go start packing.  Everything that we'll need will go into 2 small carry-on packs.  Never the less, I need to decide just what I can't live without for one week.  Too bad I can't pack Maggie May in the backpack, but customs would frown on that ... I'm sure!
See you in a few ...  Guess we're going on vacation.
Happy Trails Everybody!


  1. MJ yeeea!!!
    Yup, sound s like a tried and true great getaway for you!
    Always do love that feeling of tidying up ~ to go! If you ever left with out doing it....pick just isn't right.

    Have yourself a fab time!!! Soak up some SUN SHINE~

  2. Awesome! Maybe you'll be back by the time I'm back from my trip?
    Can't wait to hear of your adventures.

  3. Everything you will need for a weeks vacation will fit in 2 small carry on packs?????? Wow. Wish I could figure out how to do that :)

    Have a safe and wonderful vacation!

    Emma Rose and the Duchess

  4. Have a great vacation! Costa Rica sounds like a wonderful place to spend the week.

  5. I hope you're taking pictures...