Friday, September 24, 2010

Arenal, Costa Rica

 Arenal Volcano

This is ol' me on zip line number one in the Arenal Cloud Forest. There were a total of seven  lines on the descent.   Each got a bit longer.  I must say the first was the most difficult ...  After that there literally was "NO turning back", and it was "ALL downhill" from there!

Have you ever driven in Costa Rica?  Believe me when I say that this was probably the safest mode of transportation in the country.  Driving the Costa Rican highways, especially in and around San Jose was crazy.  Or, maybe I have just lived in the country too long.  Now, I can actually understand why we learn, at an early age, to form lines and wait our turn.

Day one and day seven were spent getting to and from airports and traveling.  Days two through six were overwhelmingly beautiful and filled with warmhearted and friendly Ticos!  

I will post a few more photos in another blog, but right now I'm neck deep in reentry tasks.  Mostly trying to catch up on  hugs and kisses from an old dog named Maggie May, who will not let us out of her sight and wants to make sure that we are really back!!!  

Really love to travel, always love to get home!


  1. LOVE it!!! What a beautiful place! I bet you guys had a blast. Your pumpkin seeds will last until next year. Save then in a dry place and get your compost ready.

  2. Great shot of Arenal! I loved my visit to Costa Ric, the people were very friendly.

  3. Maggie May thought you had deserted her for sure! She is such a pretty girl.

    Sounds like a fantastic vacation! The pictures are great.

    My computer doesn't think I am signed in. Gail At The Farm

  4. We just LOVE the video, we watched it several times... loved your crow!!! I can imagine that you cannot do this- gliding above the cloud forrest - without any form of vocal utterance. :)
    Glad you had such a fantastic trip!!!
    HUGS to Maggie!

  5. Wow...great stuff! I will look forward to more.
    Alas, I am experiencing the 'great bummer' of returning after a week's absence.