Monday, September 6, 2010

The Kitchen Stove

Although a rather boring subject for most of my followers, it has been a major step for the chief cook, and those for whom I cook, here at Mancos Mule .... The kitchen stove has found it's permanent resting place.  Now I get to put it to work!
Here's a little photo essay of the travels of my new stove.
Three years of moving from from spot to spot...

 sitting in the kitchen

covered up in the kitchen

top added & plugged in to see if it works

moved to living room

moved, but still in living room

hardwood floor installed  for stove


still moving

The kitchen stove has landed ....


  1. ...and a beautiful stove it is!!!

  2. Beautiful!!! Love the colors of your new kitchen!

  3. It looks fantastic!!! I think I remember it sitting in the living room, was it already there when we visited you? I think so.
    You've really done a great job with this kitchen, I like it that it is so bright!

  4. Don't tell anyone...but I would just LOVE to have a nice kitchen, I might even cook more.

    Love that stove, a classic.

  5. Awesome! The stove is just wonderful and your kitchen is just what I would have if given the choice :) Beautiful!

    The Duchess