Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's a Good Day

 Some days are good.
Some days, not so good.

Today was a very good day!

"I'm ready mom, Fire it up"!
Do you mean the tractor Maggie?
Well no, but if you have to, then go ahead... 
Fire it up!

Well, that was a good mornings work, 
but not quite what I had in mind.
Can we go now mom?
I'm really ready!

Maggie and I felt good on our little walk this morning.

We picked up the paper.
Sniffed & peed on the mail box post.
We even got to say good morning
to the big napping bull up the street.
Sniffed and peed a lot more ...
 Then came home 
brought in the horse and mule
and gave them their morning feed.

I know that for most of us
there are more important things in life
than just sniffing and peeing.
But if that is what
"Fires You Up",
Then I say,
"Go For It"!
Today's a Good Day ... 
and now we're napping!


  1. Sounds like a mighty fine day to me. And lovely pictures too!

    Emma Rose

  2. I love these pictures. Your Maggie is beautiful.

  3. Lovely day Maggie, so glad you could share it with us!

  4. I am so glad to see Maggie up and about! Beautiful photos! You live in paradise!

  5. Hey, any day that fires you up doing whatever floats your boat?.. is a good day. That scenery!!!..

  6. Sounds like a perfect day. I really like the photos of the horses with the flowers in the foreground.

  7. We love this post MJ!
    Really neat photos, glad you and Maggie had such a fantastic day!
    Hope Toma had some fun at work as well!

  8. Hi Again,
    I know this is a much older post but I just wanted to get to see your lovely Maggie on a normal and good day! It's so wonderful that you documented her life in this fashion...I wish I had thought to do this with Harry. What's ironic is that we used to end most every day since he had his first bout with cancer two years ago (tomorrow actually) with, "It was a good day." Amazing how relative everything becomes when you fight the bigger issues in life, isn't it?
    But for's onward (cause that's what our doggie loves would want!) and I'm now going to start following this blog just to get to know your dear mule better! (And maybe you will soon welcome another dog into your life?)So please start posting again soon! I'm waiting!
    Hope today is a "good day" for you all.
    PS thanks so much for your lovely comments about Harry...