Sunday, September 26, 2010

What Goes Up ....

.... Must Come Down. 
As I was making pancakes this morning
look what landed in our freshly cut pasture.

The mule and the horse were not too pleased with the invasion
but I'd have to say that they handled it with "flying colors"!


Maggie May was just as surprised as the rest of us
but she loves company
and became the self-appointed welcoming committee.

The Canadian balloon pilot graciously gave us
 a complimentary bottle of champagne
for providing such a soft green landing pad.
Totally unnecessary, but very thoughtful!

Gosh, you just never know 
who will be dropping in!
Then we finished the morning off with 
my long-awaited pancakes!

I guess you'd have to say that we all
had a very exciting and colorful morning.


  1. I LOVE the mule just says it all.

  2. I think my horse would have been on the other side of the mountains by the time I sat down to pancakes..

    Beautiful photos, by the way.

  3. What fun! What a gracious pilot. You could have had mimosas with your pancakes. I love Polly's curiosity. She looks as if she just had to go back for a second look at those flying colors.

  4. Second, third, forth, fifth, etc. looks at those flying colors!!!

  5. I love watching hot air balloons. We used to have balloons passing close by our house during the summer, but the guy that owned them moved away, and then we only saw them occassionally. It's a good thing you were home when the balloon dropped in or you might have had some very upset animals. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos from Costa Rica.

  6. I would love to take a balloon ride, great shots