Saturday, September 25, 2010

Up, Up and Away

It's all about hot air. 
Hot Air Balloons that is!!
Here are a few photos 
taken early this morning at
the Annual
Mancos Valley
Hot Air Balloon Festival.

After watching the launch
we raced home 
to make sure 
that our animals were 
feeling sane and safe!

All was quiet back at the ranch ...
Even with BIG, colorful balloons
spewing flames and falling from the sky!!

Go figure?


  1. Beautiful! I can't image the freedom of flying a balloon, although I can image my fright.

  2. Beautiful photos (as usual)! Love the first one. There is something about a hot air balloon that just gives me a peaceful feeling. Even with the sounds that come from the spewing flames.

  3. fabulous photos!!
    We did a balloon flight in Sedona in December 2008. Fantastic!