Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Nice Ride

Sunday morning Toma and I got the horse and mule ready, hauled to a nearby trailhead, and went for another very nice ride.  All this on a mule that was so sick at this time last year, that we almost put her down.  I feel blessed and lucky every time I have the opportunity get her saddled up and off to the woods for a change of scenery.  And to make it even BETTER .... 
I know that the mule loves it more than I do.  

Happy Trails to all of you out there in Blogger land!


  1. OH HOW NICE! Looks like you all had fun!
    Great pictures and... nice shirt MJ!!! ;-)

  2. Beautiful, both horse and mule. I long for time to ride.

  3. Must be the season for amazing rides. Your girl looks just delighted to be headed for a ride.

  4. Polly looks fantastic!!! Glad you got to go for a fun ride. I love her ears in the photos.

  5. It is easy to tell that the mule is interested in everything you are doing, including perking his ears up to see what you are doing with the camera. Perhaps a noise or something? He is a handsome animal. I like mules and donkeys more than the Jackass. Though I have seen the Jackass pull two fourteen inch steel plows through a pasture, turning over the cleanest blackest dirt in Darke County, Ohio. They are very hard workers.

    These are beautful photos.

  6. I came here to show you the response to your comment about the possibility the Blue Flax could be Viola. I said, back there...

    Reply to mj...

    I thought so too and spent a considerable time online looking at "blue flowers" and "wild blue flowers" and saw the Viola but the Viola only has 3 petals and these have 5. So I discounted the Viola and stuck with the Flax as I remember planing some Flax.