Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My week ... Busy

This past weekend has been a continuation of the last 2 months.  Kitchen remodeling 101.
I can't say that we are enjoying the process, but we are beginning to see the progress, and we are actually getting closer and closer to a finished kitchen with every weekend that we spend working on it!
I'll just stop yakking and show you a few photos of the work in progress. 

It's Beginning to look like a KITCHEN!

Yesterday we had our pasture cut for hay.
We are donating it to one of the local Horse Rescues at cost.

Today I'm doing the

This coming weekend we are .... 

MJ, Polly, Toma and Rhettly - "The ghosts of rides past"


  1. You've been busy!!! Remodeling is such a huge job...but, it's lookin' good!!

    The hay looks great too...praying for no rain!

  2. 開懷幸福的生活,是每個人的夢想~~希望大家都能夠實現!............................................................

  3. Wow. Your kitchen is looking fantastic. Love the tiles. I hope you have a great weekend ride!

  4. I wish I had the energy to do this...

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    You don't have to be fat to share recipes.

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  5. Your kitchen remodel looks good. It's always a hard process and takes much longer than you think it will. Hopefully you'll be finished soon. Have fun on your ride.

  6. The kitchen project looks daunting. In the future I'll have to face this also.

    Hay is tough to do here, rain in a deluge nearly every day!

    I hope you will post how much fun you had riding!