Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy Day

Because it's so HOT today, I'm sitting here blogging.
Yesterday, was a busy day.  Probably too busy. It all started with an EARLY morning ride.  The forest was already starting to have that crackly, dry feeling under foot. Even at that early hour you cold just tell it was going to be a "hot one".

On the way home we stopped at one of our local haunts and picked up a breakfast burrito.  The guys waited patiently in the trailer with their windows open because of the heat!!!  Maybe they thought the burritos were suppose to be for them?

We all cooled off when we got home by giving the two guys baths.  Toma gave me an early BD present of a flash water heater for bathing all the critters outside.  It's a nice way to just take the chill out of the really cold water.  Didn't take photo because Polly was already too curious about the propane tank and the little bit of noise that it was making. Long story short ... first bath with new water system was a success, and everybody ended up shiny and clean.  For a little while anyway!

Finally, in the heat of the afternoon we helped the folks from the Fresh Start Horse Rescue load up the hay we grew here.  They were very happy to get the hay, but I think we felt better giving it.  They merely paid for the baling cost.  It was a good deal for all.

Bales of good hay waiting in the heat.  And a neighbor checking it out.

Two trucks and two trailers later, away it went!!!
 It was a very hot day, but a good day. 
No rain yet, dry hay safely bucked and now in the barn 
just waiting to help feed a horse in need.


  1. What a nice day..Polly and Rhettly looked so blame cute waiting while you got your burritos!
    That is very nice looking hay too! Yumm!

  2. Just found your blog through allhorsestuff, what beautiful scenery, including your mule and palomino!... I like your outlook on life, too.

    My four year old mutt has a tumor on her around her kidneys too.. has been getting chemo treatments for lymphoma, not sure what that will give her but we're trying atleast. Good luck with your Maggie.

    OH.. and your hay looks awesome. Our Timothy mix comes from upstate, NY... it's OK, but not as rich looking as yours.. I can only imagine the smell when it's cut.

  3. Looks like you had a great ride. They don't seem to come often enough!
    Hot here too, but our hay situation is the opposite.
    It rains nearly every other day so haying this year has been almost non-existent.

    Wet weather could be worse than dry weather.

  4. I would say that was a busy day! Your hay looks fantastic. What a wonderful and generous thing that is to donate!

  5. Wow! Thank you for the update and the great photos! We love how green the hay looks, the horses will enjoy it very much!
    What a good deed! :)
    Will you have one more cutting or is it Polly and Rhettly who get to eat what's growing now?

  6. HBFG - Not sure about who gets what grows next. We will begin to water it today. Time, weather and water will affect whether we can get a second cutting, or even if we want to go to the trouble. This has been a good year here for hay, even though it didn't start growing very early because of our long cold spring temperatures. So, your guess is as good as mine!

  7. MJ...I agree with all the others. Your hay is beautiful...looks soft and so green. What a nice thing to do, donating it to the Horse rescue.
    Thanks for all your visits and sweet comments.
    (By the way, Berlin is a mare, my 26 yo 3/4 Trakehner...chub, sweet girl).

  8. I guess that was a good deal. Hay is not cheap here but can't remember what it was last year. They roll it here now. I seldom see bales anymore.

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