Friday, July 9, 2010

Rain .... Yeah!

It looked like rain .....

It smelled like rain ....
It even felt like rain ....

I am sorry for those of you who have had too much rain.  SW Colorado has seen very little moisture so far this summer.  I seriously hope that I have not jinxed this area by posting this, but yesterday we had our first rain shower.  It sure helped to drop the humidity and cool things off ! 
 Stay Cool
(whatever the temperature is in your neck of the woods)!


  1. Beautiful photos as usual! Love that last one! We are very dry here as well. Hoping for some storms this evening.

  2. Beautiful clouds...nice that you got we actually have something called...Sunlight!

  3. Stunning photos, we got a little rain too. So badly needed.

  4. What a great series of shots. I especially loved the last one. Glad you got some rain.

  5. Beautiful scenes out there!!! I especially enjoyed the photos of the foals on your other post...they're adorable! Great photos all of them!