Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Morning, Revisited

It was a beautiful morning.  
It was cold, but not too cold.  
Sunny, but not at all windy.  
All and all, a perfect day 
to do my daily barn chores,
and then walk the dog. 
I have finally learned to juggle 
the leash, the camera, 
and this new dog!

The dog, by the way, has not had her bath yet.
It's been too cold, so she gets brushed and then goes for a good roll in the snow.  Anyway, that seems to be working, at least until the muddy season hits.  Hopefully by then it'll be warm enough to soap her up and give her the scrubbing that she has earned!

So, here's my morning in photos. 
I decided that it's about time to show my blogging friends that life goes on...
Same place, 
same daily chores, 
different DOG ... but as you would guess, 
she's starting to grow on us.

Maddie watching the neighbor's cat!
Not sure she'll ever be trusted leash-free.

 Polly from muzzle to rear

Rhett from muzzle to rear

Good Morning Rhett

 Chow's down

 Cleaned stalls and shut doors

 Polly patiently waits until the coast is clear and clean ...

 and then lets fly with a steaming-hot new pile for me!

 The barn winter ready ...

Blankets off and time for the "DOG WALK"
Let me add that on a day like today, I enjoy it more than she does.
So, It's OFF we go ...

 Gloves, leash, dog, camera and away we go...

 Ending with a treat for the birds 
and one for the DOG.


  1. I loved this post, thanks for the tour of your beautiful environment. You can atleast see the GROUND!!!! And I'da thunk you'de have a heck of alot more snow out there around those beautiful mountains than we do here in Connecticut. My gelding Opie ALWAYS christens a freshly mucked out stall. And the isle, whenever he gets the chance.

  2. Great photos today. You have a very beautiful set up, and I love the dog. What personality!

  3. Love the photos! laughing at the fresh pile. Polly reminds me of my Danza. Always watching to make sure you clean the stall correctly.

  4. Polly at her best, isn't she! Keeping "the personal" busy, like a diva *lol*
    Loved to go for a walk with you and Maddie! It seems we do have a little more snow left then you do. I'll see if I can find a chance to go for a walk like that with Cleo and my camera in the next few days. Hopefully the sun will be out and about then as well. It just makes the photos look so much better! We enjoyed looking at yours!! :))

  5. That looks like a lovely way to spend the day, your area looks beautiful.

    Maddie is so sweet, it looks like she has settled in with you well. :)

  6. You live in beautiful country, the mountains are stunning.

    I love that dog!!!

  7. A grand tour!!! Maddie is just sooooo cute! And all that beauty around you...amazing. You also sound very 'up.' Glad to hear it!