Friday, August 23, 2013

It's been too long since I've posted and I must admit that I've forgotten how ... so I'll make this short just in case it doesn't work.  
Hello out there to anyone still listening and posting.
I will attach a few recent photos so you will know what is still happening with Mancos Mule MJ.  
We are still all here ... a little older, a little slower, but still hanging in there with one more canine addition to the family. 

Backpack trip in the Cottswolds / 2012

Polly (28) Retired and holding her own.  Rhettly (25) Retired and couldn't be happier about it!

Polly on limited turn-out / Early August 2013

Toma and #1 Hiking Partner  Maddie May

Tippy, a recent rescue and now #2 Hiking companion!

MJ in the Cottswolds 2012

Local hike here in Colorado and enjoying the view.


  1. Oh wow imagine my surprise to see you !!! Welcome back and happy to see your newest addition.

    Siera is a hoot, she will never be Badger, but she likes me and she likes Morris so it is a good fit. We've been working together since Badger turned ill.

    I miss him a lot, but realize that he will always be with me in my heart.

    PS~I've also turned Opal the people challenged mule around. She is a hoot and thinks I am the bomb!

  2. Wow.. I just wondered if you are still blogging.... and here I find an entry that is only one month old! :)
    Nice to see that you are still "around" in the blogger world.
    I am thinking about picking up blogging again myself, but I guess I'll have to do more "thinking" first HAHAHA
    Much love,
    Micky :)