Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All Done!

Well, it's over and done with for this year. Yesterday the hay got baled, loaded, hauled, and stacked.... PHEW! We started to load the hay around 4PM, temperature at 90 degrees. By 6PM, thanks to the skill and hard work of 4 local young men who are very skilled at bucking hay, we had all 277 bales of hay in the barn and stacked.

It's nice to have a barn full of hay,
baled and stacked to the rafters.

11AM Day 5 - Baling

Last load - FOR SALE


  1. Beautiful, green grass hay!!! And having it tucked away neatly in the barn for winter is one of the best feelings!! It may have been a lil' late, but it still come out pretty nice. Good for you!

  2. Good for you!! That would be such a relief. We use quite a bit of hay daily so hay doesn't last long around here. Boy that full barn looks so good though!! Congrats and job well done!!

  3. so do you deliver???

    ha! see, that way I'd get to personally meet you!

    Wonderful looking hay, I bet that was a pure relief...and you asked~~ I have 25 head of donkeys mules and horses. Lots and lots of hay used here!

  4. Boy that is hard work in any temperature but misery at 90 degrees. I can just fell that chaff going down my shirt and mixing with the sweat. It ain't much fun but somebody has to do it if you live on a farm. Here last winter, they got $7.00 for one bale of straw. Have no idea what hay costs.

  5. I sure could use some of that hay for my goat and sheep. I pay $4 for one bale. You live in a lovely place.

  6. I haven't got all my hay yet. Started with 337 bales and need at least 300 more. Yours is lookin' pretty good.