Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BIG difference

One week in March!  
What a BIG difference ...
one sunny, windy week can make.

March 13, 2010
March 22, 2010

The mule loved her first spring warm up in the round pen.  Chalk up a few points for Polly! The horse however was an idiot! It looked like I was trying to work with a very frisky caterpillar that wasn't quite convinced that he was through hibernating for the winter.   We had to take it all very slowly.  For some reason he thought that we should be doing everything at warp-speed.   The boy just couldn't believe that I was actually asking him to do something besides stand around and look at the snow fall!  Guess these last few months have taken a toll on all of us here.  The yellow horse's excuse, cabin fever, or in his case, corral fever!  Chalk a couple more points up for the yellow horse!  
I should have taken a photo or two, but I haven't yet mastered how to pay attention in the round pen and take photos at the same time.  You'll just have to believe that we have ALL had our first little workout for the year.  Chalk one up for me!

Weather forecast for tonight:
Spring rain turning to snow!


  1. We just had a few inches of snow too! At least it melts quickly this time of year. Sounds like your injuries are healing. I bet the yellow boy had a funny look on his face when you asked him to do something. Ha.

  2. Wow what a difference! You must be feeling better?
    I know I am.
    I have not mastered taking a picture and working a horse or mule either!

  3. Our snow is long gone and the green is showing!

    Happy spring thaw.

  4. It must be that "spring-energy" that got (in)to Rhettly!
    The animals just feel when nature wakes up and then it is a big
    YEEEEHA for them too.
    Our snow is gone too and Cleo is racing through the garden like crazy! She missed the (still brown) grass under her paws i guess!

  5. Day before yesterday we got 2 inches of snow. Most of it melted yesterday. Hope the rest goes today and maybe things can warm up as it is 27° here this morning.

    I think animals are a lot like people and maybe was sleeping in.