Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's called Caution not Stubborn

Here are a few shots taken this morning
under a very blue, warming sky.

As soon as the blankets came off I sat on the ground in front of Polly's stall to take a few pictures of her.  This mule is suspicious of ANYTHING out of the ordinary.  That includes me if I do something that is not part of her daily routine.  Sitting on the ground was cause for stepping back and thinking about me for a while.  I was definitely out of her comfort zone!
So I waited a few minutes ...
and so did she.

This is a rock solid mule once she makes up her mind that something is safe and okay!  I have learned, sometimes the hard way, that you just don't want to hurry her into making decisions.  Especially if it's something really scary or odd, like me sitting on the ground by her morning breakfast!  What could I have possibly been thinking?

By the way.....

Yoo Hoo! .....
Can we get your attention PLEASE?


Happy St. Patty's Day to You!
from  Maggie and the rest of the 
Mancos Mule Team!


  1. Oh Polly, so cautious so wonderful!

    If I sit on the ground near any of my mules they decide they need to come pick me up or nibble on me.
    Mules are such thinking creatures!

    Happy St Patty's Day to you!

    Maggie looks great, give her a pat from Morris.

  2. I love Maggie's bandana! So pretty! I hope your St. Patricks day was nice! :))

  3. I love the last two pictures of Polly. Just beautiful. Maggie also looks beautiful! My little mini mules are the same way. If there is one thing out of place they are very suspicious. I am glad to know that is normal behavior as they are my first mules.