Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Sunday morning here in Mancos

First thing this morning I got all the animals fed, and then Toma took Maggie for her "short" walk.  After we had everybody temporarily satisfied, Toma and I headed out for a walk around our neighbor block.  It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes without stopping, but this morning I was packing the camera, so it took a bit longer.   
You just never know what you are going to run into on this little outing.  This morning we encountered a mama fox.  It was clear that she didn't want us to come too close to the entrance to her den.  I'm sure that she has kits, although we haven't seen them yet.  Anyway, this is her attempt to lead us away from the den. 

 I guess you could say that she's a "very foxy mama"!

I love this walk.  You can walk the block and see more animals than you do people or vehicles.  Actually the only vehicle that we had to move out of the way for was an ATV and the ranch hand driving it.  The animals are more elusive. 

 Like these deer for instance.... 
 Can you find them in the brush?

The family critters were all very glad to see us when we got home.  Especially Maggie.  Friday we finally learned that Maggie has a bladder tumor.  It is so very difficult to leave her at home now when we need to go for a real walk.  I think that this life-passage is probably harder for us than it is for her, but I'm not really sure.  She still has that Border Collie willingness, but her poor old body just can't do it anymore.  So every day we still go for Maggie-walks,  going only as far and as fast as she can manage.  We have always had a dog in tow on our hikes or horse back rides.  It's very strange, this walking without a dog!

Thirteen year old Maggie loving "doing her thing".

The horse and the mule got their one-hour-turnout.  I had mowed the small pasture yesterday, and we are still carefully watching their protein intake. 

 Rhett 22 and Polly 25 chowing down on spring grass.

Here is photo proof of the difference between "who" loves to eat? and "who" eats to live?  I call them in with a little grain. 
Guess who comes a-running?

  .... and so ends another good morning in Mancos.


  1. What a delightful day. I'm sorry to hear that Maggie is starting to show her age.
    It is so wonderful of you to continue taking 'Maggie Walks' just for her.
    My neighbor has an ancient border collie much like Maggie who does 'her' thing by laying in the driveway or on the gravel road.
    We ALL know to watch carefully for her as she is also deaf now.

    Gotta love elderly dogs, they allow us to return compassion.

    I did see the deer!

  2. You have a lovely place for a walk. It's very nice to see all the wild things and be able to enjoy your beautiful day. Maybe you'll get lucky one day and see the little kits.

    It is very hard when a dog gets old and can't go on rambles with you any more, but Maggie-walks are perfect for her.

  3. Beautiful photos. I bet you will see the kits soon! I am sorry to hear about Maggie's bladder tumor. Rhett does look very intent on having his evening meal. Love the flaring nostrils and forward ears.

  4. The photos of the dog rolling. I didn't realize what it was at first and thought you had come across the carcass of a white wolf or something.

    I liked the momma fox. I think they are really nice animals though they were not treated well when I was a young kid but I don't hear so much about fox hunts anymore. Maybe they are about gone.

  5. Forgot to say that my gurgles are mostly gone now. I went to the lung doctor and that is on the sidebar of my blogs.

  6. The deer is really hard to spot!
    I cracked up when I saw Rhettly coming for his grain!!! He's still the same- always hungry- boy! *lol*
    Hope Maggie is doing well under the circumstances, guess it's going day by day now to see if she's still happy, isn't it.
    Nice photos and nice post!
    Kram from your european family!!!

  7. I'm sorry to hear your girl's trouble.
    However, she lives indeed happy days
    in splendid environment with you.