Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Polly and Where's MJ

Last year I didn't think that we would see this day, but my mule Polly celebrated her 26th birthday this past Tuesday.  By CELEBRATE, I mean that she got a few extra carrots and a longer turnout with her good buddy Rhettly.  If everything comes together right, hubby and I are even going to saddle up, and go for a celebratory ride this coming weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed!

I haven't been posting much lately.  You might say that I have been buried in drywall dust.  WE are remodeling our kitchen.  At the moment we have no real place to call a kitchen, just tarp covered appliances, unpainted walls, and dirt and powdery dust everywhere.  By WE, I mostly mean hubby and I, are remodeling our kitchen.  If you have ever taken on a project like this then you would know that it takes much longer this way than simply calling in the carpenter, the plumber, and the electrician. AND because the hubby works outside the home full-time we did decide to contract the drywall and a little rough framing work.  However the rest of the job has been very labor intensive, involving lots of ripping and tearing, and crawling around in some very undesirable places.

Now, when you really have no place to call a kitchen, you make do.  However, by MAKE DO,  I mean that your kitchen is spread all over the house.  Finding all the right items to try to fix a simple meal isn't as easy as one would think. Part of the kitchen is here in our office, some parts are in the bedroom, and most of it is downstairs in the family area where I have set up a make-shift command station.  There is a small sink and some counter space down there, but because the stove and refrigerator are still upstairs, well, let me just say that I get plenty of exercise when I cook!

Anyway, that's enough of me and my kitchen woes.  I just wanted to explain why I haven't been around much lately.  It's been hard to get motivated to post something on my blog when my computer desk is also where I am temporarily keeping the flour and sugar!  It's tough when normally I tend to be a rather organized person....oh well, this too will pass, and hopefully it will all be worth the trouble!

I'm going to end this post on a good note with a photo that I took yesterday of my friend Maggie, who is still holding her own on her new meds.  Happy dog, happy family!

Have a very nice weekend everybody!!!



  1. OH Lovely Polly! I do pray you get to go for the ride too!
    ooou...I do kn ow of those kitchen remodle woes...SOON, you'll mop the floor...cause you can!

  2. Happy Birthday Polly! I hope you get to go on that ride! I am sure that your kitchen remodel will be beautiful when you are finished. Also so glad to see Maggie's happy face!

  3. It's all gonna be worth it, I know it! ;-)
    You guys have a fantastic taste and Toma is a very good handyman!
    It's all gonna be soon over and then you don't wanna be elsewhere then in your new kitchen.
    I am looking forward to new-kitchen-pictures!

  4. HA! What-the-hay with the Chinese above!
    Well, thanks for the sincere and lovely comment today at my place!
    I hope that you are enjoying some finished work in the Kitchen and have been out to ride too!

  5. The kitchen is going to be beautiful...too bad it takes longer than we ever think! I hope Maggie is doing well...the meds certainly improved her look.

    Have a great ride and Happy 26th birthday to Polly.

  6. The Oriental is probably porn as it usually is.

    I like the way you explained your woes. I also liked Maggie.