Friday, June 4, 2010

Gone Riding!!!! Finally....

Okay all you non-believers, WE did it!  We headed out early this morning, had the trails and the woods to ourselves, and after almost one year of nursing my mule back to health, we both had a wonderful ride! It was a short ride, lasting just over an hour, but it was probably one of the better rides I've ever taken because it was so long overdue!  My appreciation for the perfect day, the perfect animal, and the perfect riding companion is beyond my ability to describe.  Right now I feel blessed and grateful!  A very good time was had by all!  

Toma on Rhettly

The two "old, happy ladies"


  1. Beautiful pictures and a great ride.

  2. Naawww! We are so happy for you! How fine that you had such a pleasant ride!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful ride! Nice photos.

  4. The two "old, happy ladies" looking good to me. Am so glad the mule got to go for a walk in the woods. That has to make everyone feel better. I clicked on the enlargement and can really appreciate the beauty of that animal more.

  5. Awww this makes my heart flutter. I am so happy for you MJ! Polly looks fabulous as does Toma and Rhett.

    Give your critters a well deserved hug from me!

  6. Yippee...Looks like a fun time. So glad it worked out. Looks like it was a perfect day.

  7. I too clicked to enlarge the photos... Yes, you ladies look fabuleus!
    AND I must add that the guys look fantastic too!
    Love Toma's hat and I really think that Rhett has never looked better. It seems he really likes it in Colorado!
    Hope you all get to go again soon!


  8. So happy for you and your mule. Happy Trails