Monday, June 28, 2010

Another New "Neigh" bor

Let me introduce you to our new neighbors.  

The newest of the group is a buckskin filly.  
She was born last week.  

I have really enjoyed watching the three week old colt 
trying to get this new baby to play.   

So far he hasn't been too successful.  
 She stays very close to her mother's side.

My, what a difference a few weeks can make...
This has been great entertainment!!


  1. OH! They are just adorable! I love the the buckskin filly, she is just drop dead gorgeous! And the colt looks very promising, strong, compact and smart!
    Very nice pictures MJ!
    About half a mile down our road is a pasture where mares live, with their foals. But they are not as nice looking then your neighbors

  2. Great babies, I would be happy with either.

  3. The new baby is such a beauty! And love the bright strength of the colt too! Wonderful photos!

  4. Adorable!

  5. I think they are super nice animals. Almost as nice as dogs.

  6. I'm here from the Tuesday's Ruby Tuesday hub...but I think I'm missing your Ruby Tuesday post that you linked! I must say I love the Buckskin myself.

    And Colorado...I lived there for over 40 years.

    My Tuesday Post

  7. Great pictures. How fun to have new neighbors to watch everyday :) They are all beautiful!

  8. How cute!!! Love that little buckskin. Of course the little colt is a looker too. What fun.

  9. Two very lovely little ones!

  10. The joy of newborns are always a joy aren't they? I think I could sit on my --soon to be porch and enjoy just 'herd' watching.

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