Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just Chuckit

A few photos taken of my friends here at MANCOS MULE!

 Rhett & Polly
 Sharing Tuesday morning turnout and breakfast.

 Mad Maddie May
 Learning to play with the chuck-it stick and her Chuck-it BALL.

 Then taking a break on the last of the melting snow.
 ALL brand-new experiences for the silly dog!


  1. She is really an unusual mix!... Those chuck it balls are great, aren't they?

  2. Maddie is so beautiful!

    So are the other guys.

  3. Nothing like a toy to chase!

  4. hey just found you blog! its really cool love the fact youve owned your mule all this time its really sweet, i hope my little wild stallion is still with me in 20 year

    check out my blog to

  5. Looks lovely there and warm-ish?
    Cool winds off the north snow covered hillsides.
    Brrr, but the winds are drying the mud...
    and spring is in the air.

  6. Loving your dog to bits! There is just something about these mixes that are so endearing!

  7. She sure seems to be fittin' right in...such a fun-lovin' dog!