Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Walking the Dog

One country block.  A little over 4 miles.
It's a fairly straight-forward loop ...  At a good walking pace that is,
but in the eyes and the ears of a dog, there's just too much to see and do!

 Who came to visit?

Here's the sum of the pieces ...
Our big neighbor Bert.

And we can NEVER pass a good gopher hole ...

Okay, so he wasn't home!  Better luck next time.

 Maddie getting the evil-eye from the neighborhood girls.

Here's our valley looking north toward the La Plata Mts.
See the red roofs between the two trees?
That's home!
We're half way there.
And even with ALL the stopping to smell the gophers,
it only took us an extra 15 minutes!!!!


  1. Wow. What a fabulous spread. You got it all. Most of all you got fields where the buffalo once roamed. So much history there in your area. I like your photos. I like your state too.

  2. Looks like the weather is beautiful and so is the landscape.

    Glad you could take a long exploring walk.

  3. Love your new blog layout! Your header photo is beautiful!! Makes me really want to go on a nice long ride. Maddie is such a sweet girl. The cows staring at her are hilarious. Looks like they are tempting her to come in their pasture. Your landscape is absolutely beautiful!!!

  4. OH, you do live in big sky country. I'm just loving the scenery... LOVE your new blog look, very cool.

  5. Looks like a fun walk. I really like your new barbed wire layout.

  6. Gorgeous place for a walk. Lots to see.

  7. Love the new layout!

    Morris himself has discovered that he can dig up voles in our yard. He is so busy on our walks trying to 'water' everything!

    What beautiful photos.

  8. Lovely...and I love the header shot. Where'd all the snow go?!? Looks like you've got spring!

  9. THAT IS THE COOLEST shot ever of your home! Those trees have the story telling look to them of history!