Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dog & Horse Time

I had time for my own dog today.
We took a short walk 
and then after the barn chores
we tossed the purple Frisbee
before heading for the shade.

The flies have been really bad here this summer.
Maybe it's because of the humidity and heat.
Poor old Rhettly horse has really been bothered
but even with all the bumbs and itching
he has managed to remain cheerful.

Here's the new rescued pup.
It's taken two days of transporting
veterinarian visits
and finding a foster home
but just look at this cute face.
I think he's going to make somebody a great little dog!


  1. The face on that pup is absolutely adorable! What soulful eyes. I love Maddie's mop head look. Our flies have not been too bad this year. We have been using fly predators for the past few years and each year we seem to have less. Eco also breaks out from the bites. Poor Rhett! That is one huge spot.

  2. That little pup is so cute and looks like he will be be a great addition to some lucky family. Good for you for helping to rescue all those homeless pups. All the faces in the last post are just so sweet.

  3. Ouch, really do not like flies! The flies really were bothering our cattle.

    What a puppy face, what is not to love in those eyes?

    Maddie sure is loving the frisbee game! Morris is really looking forward to more time in the woods with me.

  4. Howdy stranger...feel so sorry for Rhettly...I can feel that itch...enjoy that purple Frisbee...I have anew yellow ball and it's indestructible. Cheers!

  5. Nice post. I enjoyed the dog pictures. Reminds me to get our new pup a frisbee come summer.

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