Saturday, November 21, 2009

Maggie Goes Hiking

MJ and Maggie
Yesterday was one of the 320+ days of sunshine that we get here in SW Colorado.  It was a glorious day.  We hiked the soon-to-be-opened seasonal cross country ski trail.  It is only 15 minutes from our house, but is a bit higher in altitude, so there was still plenty of snow on the ground for romping and stomping in. We ALL had a wonderful time.

As Maggie ages we go for hikes with her.  She takes us for these walks, we no longer take her.  We stop when she wants to stop.  We sniff when she wants to sniff.  We look for squirrels.  We sniff and pee.  We take our time.  It takes longer.  We see more than we ever did before.  It's a great pace.  You should try it some time ...  this old dog pace!

Enjoying Maggie's Pace


  1. Oh I'm so happy to see this before I head out the door!
    I was going to email you and see how things were going.

    Looks wonderful from here.

    Kudos to Maggie!

  2. Thank you for your good wishes for my friend Joe. I read them to him as they came in, or when he came back from testing.

    I like your post of the "old dog pace", or taking time to smell the roses. It is so true how much more one can see, and where you live is nothing short of breathtaking!

  3. So true! An animal can really open your eyes to nature. What a beautiful day! Can't wait for our first snowfall- if we get any at all. Sometimes we don't and lately it's been mostly rain.....have a great weekend!

  4. Yea! You rubb it into our faces! 320+ days of sunshine...


    Seems you and Maggie had a fantastic hike!
    God for you!
    Maggie's pace sound just right to me too... I think I would have plenty of time to take my photographs on the way.
    Cleo is always on the move, she's always jogging, hardly ever walking. But she is slowing down a bit too, now that she's 8. Just a bit but enough for a Jack Russel Terrier!
    Have a great Weekend you'll!!! ♥

  5. 320+ days of sunshine! Wow, I envy that. Maggie has a smile on her face. Great post.

  6. That is the way to do most things. Take your time. Your dog has got that down perfectly.