Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It Looks like Winter is here....

HI HO, HI HO it's off to work we go! ...  Toma had to get the tractor out this morning to get the car out of the driveway to get to work, but after that it was smooth, but very slow, sailing all the way into Durango. 

I had a similar task to get to the barn for morning chores.  This time of year I don't fork manure, I fork poop-icles!  Temperature was below zero when I first walked past the thermometer, but it has warmed up to about 28 for the high today.

Maggie and I took a photo of the house from our neighbor's pasture.  The stacks of cow hay and our house made for a nice backdrop in the snow.   

Winter has arrived in Mancos, Colorado! 


  1. HI HO, HI HO! That looks like lots of snow!
    Just the right amount to build a nice snow santa and start a good snow ball fight!!! *lol*

    Looks like all that cow hey is not covered at all... poor cows, that hey won't taste good at all when it's all soaked.
    But that scenery with the mountains in the back!

    Enjoy Winter Mancos!

  2. looks like a lot of work. I sort of wish I was home to help hubby.
    Going to start that journey tomorrow me thinks.

  3. Oh boy! That is a lot of snow. I like snow, but maybe I should be thankful we don't get very much. It makes for a lot of extra work! :) It's so beautiful, though!

  4. I guess our skiff of snow would not require your tractor. Judging from the snow you got, we didn't get any.

  5. This morning our porch thermometer is reading -8 degrees ...It's cold, but the sky is blue and clear!

  6. Wow!!! I wish that we had snow like that! Only cold and windy here except for a small 4 inch snow last week. Looks like paradise.

  7. We had 16 inches of wet snow and then 45 mile an hour winds.
    It was not bad around the house, but the driveway has 5 to 6 feet high drifts.

    It is peaceful and beautiful. Merry Christmas

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Yes, I'd say winter has truly arrived.

    Ouchy on that foot of yours! I've been stepped on but not that I've probably jinxed myself!

    I sure enjoyed the Turkey Trot and ol' dog walk posts too...two very good ideas!