Monday, December 7, 2009

Stupid Move

Within a fraction of a second
I knew that I had done something very stupid
as with so many really stupid moves
 thinking it didn't help
damage done
1200 pounds of mule
unintentionally slamming down
right on top of my left toe
  ouch .... an understatement

So here's just a little friendly advise....When trying to readjust a turnout blanket never stand right in front of the animal wearing the blanket.  Especially if there is a bit of static in the air.  Pow, the mule got a static shock and shot forward like a bolt. In a blink of an eye she repositioned all her body weight right down on my foot, which happened to be right in the way of her forward motion!!! In my forty-plus years of keeping horses this is my second such injury. And kinda like a bad sunburn ...  I feel very dumb to have let it happen!
Has it ever happened to you?


  1. Oh my. Your poor toe. Red nailed me a couple of years ago - he was ticked off, surged forward and planted on my toe. Lost the nail. Have you gotten xrays? Sorry you got hurt.

  2. ICE!! eeeks! That looks like it really hurts. I have done some really dumb stuff around mules that were old and quiet.
    We know better don't we?
    That is a good subject for a blog right~horse or equine safety and the stupid moves we make!

    How's the foot today?

  3. Outsch! That looks bad! That is exactly why "they" always tell you to wear solid shoes with steel cap... but how many of us really do that?

    Hope it will heal fast!


  4. Ouch!!! I shocked my horse the other day when the farrier was over. He jumped but fortunately did not jump onto me or the farrier. Darn that static electricity! I hope that it is not broken! Don't feel dumb! Accidents happen, and we all do those things. Especially when you have owned and been around a certain animal for a long time. Big animal+ small brain+static electricity=sore foot. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. You could lead Santa Claus with that red toe. I suggest ice and lots of it. Get well soon

  6. Owww, first time I visit your blog and this is not a gentle introduction. Hope you get well soon!

  7. Welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting. The foot and toe are doing much better. Not to be concerned.