Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Five Weeks Later

Valley fog resting at the base of Mesa Verde this morning.

After the last five weeks of grumbling about my ribs and the pain, I finally went back to see my doctor.  This time, to be cautious, she sent me for x-rays.  Seems that I did have 2 fractured ribs.  Good news is that they are healing.  The bad news is that they just aren't healing fast enough for me!  I know any of you out there who have daily barn chores, with animals to care for,  know that it's not very easy to rest your back and abdominal area.  Oh well, so much for excuses.  The worst of it is over now.  I just need to learn to be more patient with taking things a little slower, and with a little more time, all will be well ....  AND I will be a happier horse/mule keeper!!

Countdown .... Spring Equin ox .... 33 days


  1. I guess the pain must be horrible lifting things when you have cracked ribs. My dad had them once and could not turn the steering wheel of his Model - T Ford without complaining. Your photographs are stunning. What a beautiful place you have.

  2. The nice part or the stubborn part about people who care for animals, is that go on, no matter how badly they hurt.

    Heal quickly.

  3. I love the feel in the second photo, first the beautiful fence, then the trees in front of the fog - beautiful. The first photo is also nice with the sun shining on top of Mesa Verde.

    I am sorry to hear that your ribs have been cracked. I know how horrible it can be to have pain somewhere and you HAVE TO work physically anyways. The good thing is that you are your own boss and that you can do your chores on "your own pace".
    Big Hugs from all of us!

  4. Gorgeous pictures. The trouble with a diagnosis of Fx ribs there is not much to do about it, but waiting to heal.

    I sunshine visible is stunning.

  5. Beautiful photos!!! Glad that your ribs are on the mend. I cannot imagine doing chores with broken ribs. Especially when the weather is so bad. Take it easy.

  6. Beautiful photos...stunning!

    About the ribs, I'm afraid I'd be 'the worst' patient ... I have no patience regarding doc's orders.