Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pages from the Past

Meet my first horse.  
This is Chipper. 

He was given to me as a three year old for my thirteenth birthday.  We spent 18 years growing up together.  What kid could ask for more.  He was a Welsh/Quarterhorse and stood about 13 1/2 hands.  Never underestimate size. He could out walk and out maneuver most bigger horses.  He was quick in mind and quicker on his feet. On the trail, he would go anywhere.  I will never forget what I learned and shared with him.  There's nothing like memories of your first horse.

These photos are almost as as old as me, and fading with age, but you can recognize that we were a team.  I could not imagine growing up any other way.  I was a very lucky kid.

Gymkhana and drill team photos of yore ....


  1. What a great horse! Did you keep him until he passed on or eventually sell him? I had a great little Arabian/Appaloosa that was 14.1. I could have ridden him forever. I like smaller horses, then I'm closer to the ground, LOL! My Boy, at 15.2, is a lot bigger than I wanted.

  2. What a nice walk down memory lane!

  3. Awesome memories shared and also rekindled ...from my youth!
    Just love those ponies that carried us all those memory miles!
    Your lovely pony was so special!

  4. makes me think of the 'old' days. thanks for the wonderful memories. i didn't 'get' my first horse until i was 36.
    but rode since i was 4...

  5. Those are really cool photos, thank you for sharing!
    It's the very best way to grow up like that, every child should be able to have a friend like you had Chipper!
    Mine were my Haflinger Wenus, and my TB Mausi.

  6. Boy do those pictures bring back memories for me. Now I have a grand-daughter who gets to go down the road--barrel racing, pole bending etc. Of course her Mom did too and still does. We've still got a pasture full of horses. MB