Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The word for Wednesday ... SUNSHINE

Homestead in the SUNSHINE

The Horses taking in the SUNSHINE
All undressed, but no place to go!

And last, But not least ...
My SUNSHINE ....  Maggie!


  1. I live in South central Iowa. We have 10 inches new snow. A lot of old snow and 6 to 8 inches coming. I keep shoveling etc. It is beautiful, but keeps me home. Right now interstate 80 from Des Moines to Grinnel is closed. Hard to believe. My mules have a great winter coat and they need it. I do have a shelter, but they stay outside most of the time.

    Your home is lovely. I like your dog.

  2. Our Maggie does not like the snow, she is spoiled rotten.

    We are almost that snowy and this is Arkansas!

  3. You mix the ingredients sun, snow and temperatures under freezing point and voila... what you get is a beautiful day! Love those days. But still, I am longing for landscape without snow by now...

    I love your house with the table mountain in the background. I said it before and I say it again, you live in a gorgeous place! :))

  4. Oh such a beautiful place.
    Yes, it is about this time of year that we start yearning for a change.


    As I look at the temps getting ready for work...I too yearn for a change.
    Looks like Sunshine again today [and not Sunshine the mule!]

  5. The horses look like they might be dozing. And the dog look perfectly happen in the sunshine. Boy it is a gloomy day here today. Not a drop of sunshine.

  6. Wonderful winter shots... loved your recipe for sore ribs!

  7. All of these photos are beautiful! Don't you love those deep blue skies?