Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bath Day

A hot, dry breeze was blowing today.
It was a perfect BATH day.

And here they are....

All showered and shaved...

with no place to go.


  1. So purdy too!! Your barn is beautiful...what a nice setting you have.

    I went for a ride on our hill today and as I came back down along the rim rock I spied 10 equine in the neighbor's alfalfa field. I had a feeling they would be mules, but I wasn't close enough to tell. But, sure enough...there were 10 mules lounging in the field with full bellies. Colt and I headed them back out the driveway and off down the road they went to their place. Well, I should say old place. The owner moved behind us about 5 miles and the mules must not like it there because they keep coming back to the old place! They're in no danger, but it sure is funny that they know what they want and their gonna get it!

  2. ...and did they promptly get down and roll in the dirt?

    Mine usually do. Get them all purty...and bam, they roll.

  3. The mule always rolls right after her bath...unless I don't let her out right away. I also can plan on her rolling within 5 seconds of taking the saddle off!

  4. Hey, how nice, a bath! Midas and Indigo need one too.
    I also have to tie Midas afterwards, otherwise he rolls immedeately and all the work was for nothing!

  5. Oh I do love bath times! Your handsome pair look so purdy now too! Yea...the rolling..they know what feels good and to stick some fresh dirt to the wet hairs..keeps the bugs at bay!
    LOOOOVE your set up there, that is smart looking and funtional.
    Did you build it?
    Kacy w/Wa mare
    PS thanks for the visit!