Monday, July 20, 2009

Overnight Road Trip

Toma, Maggie and I piled into the car early Saturday morning and headed up into the San Juan Mountains for an overnight visit with friends. Our friends have a little summer house in the town of Ouray, Colorado.

The road from Durango to Ouray winds up and over two very tall passes, 10,910 foot Molas Pass, and 11,008 foot Red Mountain Pass. The drive is not for the person who is afraid of the heights ... there is a lot of "edge" to look over.

Ouray is an old Silver mining community that sits between 7,000 - 8,000 feet. The reason that I say between is because one end of town begins at around 7,000 feet and the other end climbs to around 8,000 feet. It is all nestled between three 14,000 foot mountains that tower over the whole area. It is a page from its mining past even though its livelihood now relies predominately on tourism.

Jackie, Toma, Donna and Maggie!

Ouray, Colorado

Man in the box

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  1. Wow! Great that you are back, I love the photos!
    What a drive, what a great scenery!
    I will look up Ouray on Google Earth.. ;-)
    I especially love the photos with Toma, the one where the plant/tree is growing "out of the building" and he is looking out of that "window".
    Great photos MJ!!!

    Time for coffee here in Fjälkinge...



  2. That looks like a really fun beautiful!! Ha...I see from your SkyWatch photos that you have a do we!

  3. Hey, we just got the package! The T-shirts are wonderful, and they fit! Thank you so much!!!

    Question... will you be home Friday???

  4. What a beautiful trip! I can't wait for my planned trip to VA this fall and my trip back to Hawaii next year.

    What wonderful photos.
    Isn't it great coming home again though?

  5. My favorite place on the earth is Telluride, CO. I wanted to ride the train in the San Juan Mts but none of my family would go with me....It went to Ouray I think.....