Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bladder Stones, Part 3

Here they are.....

The same two veterinarians arrived here at our barn at 9 am this morning. Toma, otherwise know as Polly's dad, took the morning off so that he could be here to give his support to the process. Heavily sedated, flushed out and all prepped, Polly was once again a drugged and therefore willing patient. After two excruciating attempts, even with the proper instruments, it seemed like the bigger stone was too large for the opening of the urethra.

They then gave her another shot to help relax her internal organs. Then one more saline flush, and using lots of lubricant and even more determination they made one final attempt. I think it was that extra bit of determination, but they were able to remove the larger of the two stones, and then the smaller. I can't be more thankful for their time and that extra effort.

Now, it's all up to Polly and I to get those antibiotics into her system for the next couple of weeks to prevent any infections from occurring after such an invasive procedure. This has been a great day for all of us here at Mancos Mule MJ! A big thanks also to those of you who have followed my blog regarding Polly's bladder stones. Twenty-four years and counting. You Go Polly!!!


  1. YESSSS! Wow! We are so happy for you guys! :))

    Those stones are HUGE! Had no idea, glad the vet's got them out.

    Go Polly Go for another 24 years full of joy and good rides!

    Happy trails to all of you and get some rest...

    M & I

  2. Oh, this is the BEST news. Im' with HBFG, amazed over the size of Polly's stones. This was a life saving procedure. Your vets rock! Please, please celebrate tonight, as if you needed anyone to suggest that.

  3. Incredible. And yes, I've been hanging out and waiting for this news.

    Polly's prognosis is good then?
    Kudos to those vets and Polly ... for their determination.

    I bet you are breathing a sigh of relief.

  4. The theory is that a mule her age can't form another one in her lifetime that would be threatening to her health. Yes, huge (BIG) relief! Polly is a little grumpy, but then rightfully so, it was a tough procedure. Thanks for checking on us :O)

  5. Polly should be perking up pretty those stones were BIG! Poor girl. Glad it went so well for her.

  6. MJ - could not be better news. I am amazed at the size of the stones and very impressed with your vets. Even tho Polly feels a little grumpy, it was her lucky day. I see many more happy trails coming up.