Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mancos Balloon Festival ..... continued

Saturday morning at least twenty hot air balloons landed in our rural neighborhood.  I think that the horse and mule thought that the sky was falling.  Just about any direction we looked there was a big colorful balloon spewing hot air and flames.  The balloonists were very careful, and totally aware of the reactions that livestock have when a balloon approaches, and they did an excellent job of trying to avoid areas with livestock.
Here's a small sampling of just how colorful the sky was this weekend here in Mancos, Colorado.


A little color in ones life, never hurts a thing.
I just wish I could convince my mule and my horse of that!

Monday, it's back to normal skies....


  1. I would think the animals will get excited with the noise and those flying overhead. But maybe not.

    Handwriting is something of a lost art. It only gets taught in our school system in the third grade and beyond that nothing. Our granddaughter in the 4th sometimes needs help in order to be able to decipher handwritten notes.

  2. Beautiful pictures!! What a beautiful event to see. I am surprised that your mule did not try to get to the balloons. Mine are always so curious about anything that comes into their territory. Love the balloon between the longears.

  3. I'm glad they didn't freak out, it appears as if they took it all in stride.

    What a beautiful sky you had.

    I'm surprised Polly didn't ask for a ride!

  4. I must say, that these balloon shots are great!