Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Mule and Sunday Turnout

This is one HAPPY mule.
What more could an old girl want?
A little green grass,
some sunshine,
And no bladder stones!
Next weekend we might even get to go for a ride...yeah!


  1. I am so Happy that Polly is looking so great and obviously feeling wonderful too.

    I was so relieved to open up your blog and find out that she is doing great!

    I surely hope you get out and get to ride!

  2. That girl DESERVES some specials, whatever her favorites may be. So do you, for that matter. It is a delight to see such a happy looking mule after such a frightening event.

  3. Good news and a great photo. Glad to read that things are going well!

  4. Yesterday, when I was at the stove cooking, I thought of your horse and wondered how he was doing. I had forgotten about him and don't know why he popped in my head at such a strange time. I'm glad he is doing well. He's so precious.

  5. She sure looks great!! A happy mule is a good mule I'm sure. Hope you get that ride in...have fun!