Monday, May 18, 2009

All in a Days work

This morning I took a short hike with Maggie.
Maggie is our Border Collie. She has been our top-notch trail dog, horse getter, and just all around good friend. Like all old dogs, she is starting to show her age. I try to judge just how much to expect of her, and not overdo our daily walks. This time of year there's a lot to see......miniature horses, prairie dogs, cows, and birds just to name a few.
The old dog loves to sniff "everything". I'm not sure if it's really necessary or if she is using all the sniffs just to take little rest breaks. It's OK with me, as long as she still wants to get that leash on and go, I'll let her pick the pace.

Here's some of what she sniffed this morning.


  1. Oh sweet Maggie!!
    She is such a loyal soul. ♥
    I love the flower shot!
    Thank you for that post MJ!!
    PS, my back is better.. ;-)

  2. Thanks for the follow!!

    You have a beautiful place there in CO...hope to visit that state someday and do some trail riding.

    Maggie is just sweet!

  3. Your Maggie May is a very pretty girl, and a hard worker too. We'd like to see you on Sunday Stills. :):)