Friday, May 22, 2009

Dog Day Morning

Maggie patiently waiting....

Okay, Let's go Mom.....

What's taking so long......

Finally, on the road again!
But I wish that I didn't have to wear this silly jacket.


  1. Well I have to admit I had to look twice until I realized that this is MAGGIE
    She looks so cute with her BIG EARS!
    Cleo looks like that too when she gets her summer haircut, her ears seem to be much bigger then before... hihi
    Jackets are a good thing. Cleo loves her jackets in the winter. And now, on a rainy day like today she has a rain jacket because she HATES RAIN!

  2. had me thinking you had two dogs named confusing to call your dogs!!

    She sure looks cute with her she feels better in the hot weather.

    Enjoy your weekend~~