Monday, May 4, 2009

Off to feed the fox...

A few years back I was able to volunteer for a local wildlife rescue here in Mancos. During that time I became totally fascinated with the Red Foxes in this area. We are fortunate to have a pair of these animals that use part of our property for their daily hunting. My dog Maggie and I have been taking scraps to them during the harsh Colorado winter months. Now it's just plain fun to watch them out there prowling for their own game (they are also feeding 3 little kits). As a result of our past contributions, we are somewhat trusted by these clever little animals. A few days ago we walked within 1o feet of the mother fox as she lay waiting for a gopher to emerge from its hole. They are beautiful creatures, and are very entertaining to watch.

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  1. Dear MJ! I found your blog! Fantastic, I was hoping you would start a blog.
    You always have great storys to tell, and you ARE a wonderful story teller, your writing always puts a smile on my face.
    Looking forward to
    You will have tons of Followers in no time!
    (you just need to add the subscription gadget to your sidebar..)
    Michi and Ingrid!!!