Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another New Neighbor

Exciting news, especially for our neighbor's Mustang mare. As you can see in the photos, we now have a very recent addition to the neighborhood. This is the mare's second attempt at having a mule foal. She sadly lost the one last year. But so far, so good, with this little guy. For the first 24 hours he had to be separated from the mare. No one was very happy about that. The mare had to be milked, and the foal had to be bottle fed, but the good thing was that there was a lot of imprinting going on in the process. This all made for a very friendly and fearless little john mule.

We are all keeping our fingers and hooves crossed that this year's mule baby stays healthy.
PS...I forgot to tell you that it was born on my mule Polly's 24th's a good day to be born!


  1. What a pretty girl. We are waiting for our last foal this year. Seems like the mares around this area are going quite a while over. They sure are a lot of fun and the first time you hear them nicker you just gotta have one.

  2. WOOOW! She is soooo pretty! Congratulations on the neighbor baby! *jealous*!

  3. I hand milked my mare 10 yrs ago ... she actually enjoyed it and nickered to me while I did it. My mare is due any 'moment' now with her second and last mule.
    Nice blog!
    I enjoyed going through it...beautiful mule foal.