Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trail Class, Green Mule

Polly (Photo #1)

This photo was taken in the early 1990's of me and my very young mule Polly. I will post random photos of her from time to time because she is my constant reminder that if you aways expect the worst, you will usually be pleasantly surprised.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and caring for Polly now for over 20 years. It took awhile, but I would have to say that we are pretty good friends. She is not nor will she ever be, the most trusting mule, but once she decides that you are OK, then you are probably worthy of her affections. She's a pretty good judge of character. We can learn so much by paying attention to the traits of others, even if they are suppose to be the ones learning from us.

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  1. MJ, I love the photo!!! I always admire how you and Polly team up so nicely, evey horse person can learn from that because Mules really are special! I remember when you told me about Polly when we first met (about 13 yrs ago), I couldn't believe that Mules are different then horses, thanks to you and your Mule I was able to learn a couple of very valuable lessons! And we got to go to Bishop CA with you and see Parelli ride a Mule... That was funny! Thank you!