Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Neighbor

Our seven acres sits just in front of a much larger cow pasture. I guess I'd have to say that our neighbors are mostly Black Angus cows. Each of the cows now has a spring calf by it's side. It's a very active, never a dull moment, view out our kitchen window. Yesterday I noticed that someone new had cropped up amoungst the little black calves. It was struggling desperately to stand by it's mother. But it's mother just happened to be a black horse, not a black cow. Today, just slightly over 24 hours later, it is galloping beside it's mother with the other horses and swerving all the cows. It's going to be one tough little black cutting horse. I sometimes wonder how it knows that it is a horse and not a cow?

It's now one day later. The foal is now two days old. I tried to go take a photo and introduce myself, but the mare wouldn't allow me to get close. These photos don't do justice to how spunky and suspicious everybody was with me and my camera trying to sneak up on them. I did run into a very curious cow (a very photogenic cow I might add).

Anyway, long story short, mother took her new baby out of harms way, and kept a good distance from the predator neighbor. So, even though I didn't get to meet the new baby, I did manage make friends with a few very neighborly cows.


  1. Dear MJ! That is fantastic news, I hope you get the time and chance to walk over there and take a picture. I am just too curious!
    I congratulate you to your new, cute neighbor!

    I can just imagine you standing there at your kitchen window, with a cup of coffee in your hand, looking at the "neighbors"...

    Back home in Austria at the farm we used to have several different animals who "grew up" with the cows and were sharing pastures with them. One was my first horse, Haflinger mare "Wenus", she started to chase them around after a while - not funny!
    Then there was "Rosi" an elk calf that we raised with the bottle, before that 2 deer babies (who were released into the wild again after beeing mature enough.).
    The last "pseudo cow" was a wild pig with the name "Agnes".
    All of them must have thought at some point.."Am I really like them?, Are they my family? Hard to believe because I smell much better...

    Animals are just too funny!


  2. And... If you need any help with changing the layout for your blog, or for adding a "gadget", let me know. I am happy to assist anytime... ;-)

    LOVE Michi

  4. Hi, I go under the name HBFG these days, just in case you wonder...

    thank you for taking some pictures, they are just perfect!

    I love the photo in the sidebar from you and Mr. T, that's in Peru, isnt't it?!

    So beautiful!!!