Thursday, June 25, 2009

For All Good Dogs

I'm going to dedicate my blog today to a very recently departed friend.

We have all felt the pain of losing someone who has loved us.
I'm not sure that we have all been lucky enough
to have experienced the love of a family dog.
For those of you who haven't had that privilege,
I am sorry for your loss.

Close friends had to say good bye
to one of their best friends yesterday.
He was a big, happy, black, lop-eared Shepherd
named Barry.
He was unusual.
He was one of those dogs
that seemed like he was always going to be a puppy.
Not the kind of dog for everybody, he had special needs.
He had found the perfect family.
He was very lucky.

To my good friends , who I know will read this blog,
here's how I remember your big friend Barry.
I know your sorrow.

May he rest in peace.

And, if anyone else happens to read this blog,
go hug your dog.
You'll be glad you did.


  1. My dog is one who is constantly given hugs...

    I lost a few of those special dogs in my life and it still makes my eyes tear up when I think of them.

  2. MJ! Thank you so much for your heartfelt sympathy and all your kind words.
    Also thank you for posting this very special photograph of Barry.
    We are so thankful that you had the chance to meet Barry in person.

    He was truely a very special friend!

    Now that he is gone I regret all the moments that I did have a chance to hug him, and I didn't...

    He really made our lives richer in so many ways and he was the perfect dog for this family of mine.
    You are right when you say he always stayed a puppy, he was always playful and sweet.
    When he got older he got also very confident and took his job as a protector of his family and our home(s) very serious.
    He did a great job and we were always very proud of him!

    Thank you again for this lovely post!!

    Your (now) Sweden family

  3. I am going to go hug my dog right now.

    I am so sorry for the passing of this friend.

  4. Thanks for the reminder to hug our pets. Mine's a cat, but I love her dearly.

  5. What a beautiful Barry portrait.. It's so heartbreaking when I four legged friend passes... My border collie is 19 years old and we can just sense that she doesn't have much time left. I'l go hug her now:)

  6. All our prayers for him!
    Beautiful post!
    purrs and love
    Luna(from Brazil)

  7. Sorry to hear that!

  8. my dog died Mother's Day and my cat his friend Fathers'Day . I am like these folks I'm sure betrodden with sorrow .May we all soon know peace. Noone will ever be the same as Barry but someone needs you. I'm getting Jenna on Monday Sandy

  9. So sorry for the loss of your friend and my sympathies to his family as well. I make sure I hug my two many times a day, as they are both getting on in years and I know that my time with them is limited. I'm dreading having to say goodbye.

    R.I.P. Barry..

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend. :( Just remember he's waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for you.

  11. I'm sorry for her loss. He was absolutely sweet and reminds me of my dog, Gunner. I'm sure he had a good life, and I thank your friend for that. Too many animals aren't so privledged. May the memories of him live on. Thanks for the post. His picture is captivating.